Warp 11’s third album “Boldly Go Down On Me" finds the crew on a unparalleled search for rock. Smashing eardrums from Earth to the far reaches of the Gamma Quadrant, Warp 11 vents their "Rage Against the Federation", succumbs to the collective in "Welcome To Our Cube" and celebrates the physical on the first hit single "She Make It So." Sex, sci-fi and rock 'n roll never felt so good.
  1.   She Make It So
  2.   Rage Against The Federation
  3.   Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill Klingons  
  4.   Give It Up For The Captain  
  5.   A Song For People Who Never Watch Star Trek  
  6.   Welcome To Our Cube
  7.   Man On A Mission
  8.   Yeah Brother 3.0  
  9.   Electric Man  
  10.   Boldly Go Down On Me  
  11.   Auto Destruct  
  12.   Set Your Phaser For F***  
  13.   Invasion  
  14.   Captain Caught Me On The Holodeck  
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Recorded at Pus Cavern, Sacramento, California.
Produced by Warp 11 and Joe Johnston.
All songs written by Warp 11 (ASCAP) except “Rage Against The Federation” written by Warp 11 and Jason Wigle.
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