I’m the creature from outer space
The dark half of your black and white face
I am the machine that makes the man
I’m the big white ape with his horn in his hand

Black as a hole in the middle of space
Hard as the scowl on a Romulan’s face
The needs of the many, outweighing the one
As I’m setting a course for the heart of the sun

I set my phaser for stun
Now I’m gonna have fun
I’m gonna go berserk
I’m gonna f*** you like Captain Kirk

I’m in disguise as a UFO
One look at me and you gotta know
I got no urge to boldly go
Unless it’s down with your a** in tow

If your planet sucks, I won’t beam you up
You got green skin, baby you in luck
This Captain, he one bad muthaf***
I got a warp drive vessel that I drive like a truck

I set my phaser for kill
I’m gonna give you a thrill
I don’t wanna talk
I just want you to suck my Spock

I’m a warship about to attack
I’m a pancake on your back
I’m a killer that feeds on fright
When I’m done with you, you’re gonna see five lights

Deep into four of a five year trip
I made first contact and I talked some s***
And then I let my phasers rip
Well you might as well abandon ship ‘cause I…

I set my phaser for kill
I’m gonna show you my Trill, yeah
And now you’re really in luck
I set my phaser for f***

Boldly Go Down On Me Lyrics © 2005 Warp 11. All Rights reserved.


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