I’m like Odo - I’m jelly
I can say, “He’s dead, Jim,” just like Deforest Kelly
I’m like Scotty when I party, ‘cause I need more time
To get with all of the honeys - at least seven of nine
Yeah brother

Feel my tachyon
I’m on your a** like a pissed off Klingon
Warp core overload
Prime directive gonna make my d*** explode

I’m like Kirk
I flirt with alien bitches not of this f****** earth
I gotta cock named Spock
My emotions in a jar
I go psycho every seven years if I don’t get to Pon Farr
Yeah brother

The Borg Queen (Yeah brother)
And two of three (Yeah brother)
Are swarming through the galaxy infesting me

Salt sucking fiend (Yeah brother)
From M-113 (Yeah brother)
Just sucked every ounce of life right out of me

Yeah I’ll ignite (Yeah brother)
My Corbomite (Yeah brother)
And kill you ‘cause the left half of your face is white

I got a tractor beam (Yeah brother)
Doomsday machine (Yeah brother)
The world’s gonna end if we don’t hear a whale scream

I’m like a Klingon with a h*** on
Captain never let me get my mother f****** thing on
So give me Tranya, I’m on ya
And I’m gonna wrath of Kahn ya
You’ll head now to Eden when I put my boot on ya
Yeah brother

Boldly Go Down On Me Lyrics © 2005 Warp 11. All Rights reserved.


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