Do portions of the website do not display correctly, or behave strangely?

This website uses Adobe ’s Flash technology. Make sure you have the most recent version of Flash correctly installed on your computer by visiting Adobe’s web site.

Problems listening to Warp 11 music or video files available on this website?

Some Warp 11 music and video clips are available on this website for your listening pleasure. If you are having problems listening to the songs, here are some things you can try.

1) Download the file to your computer’s hard drive before attempting to listen to it.

Some web browsers may try to play the songs as they are being downloaded (this is called “streaming”). However, this may cause problems if your Internet connection is not fast and steady. Downloading the file before trying to listen to it usually solves this problem.

Windows users can do this by right-clicking on the music or video file and selecting “Save Target As…” After saving the file on your hard drive, locate the file and double-click on the file to play it.

2) Make sure that whatever software you are using to play music (mp3) and video clips is functioning correctly.

Windows computers are setup by default to use Microsoft’s Windows Media Player. Help and the latest version are available from Microsoft online.

One alternative to Microsoft’s player is Nullsoft’s WinAmp. You can download it here.

Apple's QuickTime can be downloaded here.

Still can’t get things to work correctly?

If you’re still having problems after following the above instructions, please contact your computer manufacturer or your web browser manufacturer. If you are only having problems with the website, and other web sites work fine, you can also contact the Warp 11 webmaster.

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