I’m in love with an electric man
An android Adonis with a yellow tan
His name is Data
I’m such a fan
Oh, how I dream about this wired man

He’s so logical
He’s so clear
We’ll get it on a light year from here.
He’s such a turn on this space age man
My luminous lover
My electric man

There’s something about a positronic man
The touch and the feel of his plastic hands
I go wild when I see his eyes
All gold and glowing from inside

Oh robo-lover, won’t you kiss me please?
Your circuits never fail to stimulate me
A wham BAM!
Thank you man
My golden eyed lover
My electric man

You know he’s fully functional (I tell you)
You know he’s fully functional (I’m saying)
You know he’s fully functional
And if he ever gets too hot
Well, I can always switch him off

I’m all yours if you’ll just set me free
A wire headed junkie - can’t you see?
There’s juices flowing in my maniacal mind
I’ll win him over and make him mine

He’s fully functional it’s not a dream
I saw it once or twice on TV
I can’t wait to plug in with that man
My logical lover
My electric man

Boldly Go Down On Me Lyrics © 2005 Warp 11. All Rights reserved.


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