Sci-fi rock superstars Warp 11 are back with their much-anticipated fourth studio album, "It's Dead, Jim". From the raw power of "Belt Buckle Tractor Beam", the Ramones-inspired "Tribbles and Ecstasy", the Christian rock anthem "Beam Me Up to Heaven" and the somber trip-rock journey of "Trekquiem", the wickedly funny Warp 11 is clearly at the top of their game.

Warp 11 recorded the new release in their hometown Sacramento, California with co-producer Joe Johnston (Cake, Deftones). The album was mastered by Jason Livermore (The Ataris, Less Than Jake, Rise Against).

  1.   Gotta Make It So  
  2.   Beam Me Up to Heaven  
  3.   Belt Buckle Tractor Beam  
  4.   Jerk My Kirk  
  5.   Tribbles and Ecstasy  
  6.   The Ballad of Bones 2  
  7.   Track 11  
  8.   Trekquiem  
  9.   Section 31  
  10.   The Saddest Song Ever Written About Star Trek  
  11.   Please State the Nature of the Medical Emergency  
  12.   Kirock  
  13.   He's Dead, Jim  
  14.   I'm Dead, Jim  
  15.   It's Dead, Jim  

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All songs written by Warp 11 (ASCAP). Produced by Warp 11 and Joe Johnston. Mastered by Jason Livermore. Recorded at the Pus Cavern Studios, Sacramento, California.
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