I'm a man on a mission
I’m a man on a quest
Got a green girl on my arm
A shiny arrow upon my chest
The sun is my guide now
And the stars are my map
Push the engines to the limit
Am I ever coming back?

I'm a man on a mission to where no man has gone before
I’ve been gone for five long years
I can’t take it any more

I'm a man on a mission
I’m a man on a tour
I got a belly full of blood wine
And it's achin’ for some more
The engineer is screaming,
“She can't take much more”
But my green girl wants to engage
And this Captain wants to score

I'm a man on a mission
I’m a man who boldly goes
Through space, wormholes, miniskirts and pantyhose
The universe is calling baby
Deep within my heart
My directive's primed and ready
Gonna blow this ship apart

And I wanna fly my ship through the tunnel in the sky
Wrap myself inside the folds that make up space and time
There’s plasma in my veins and fire in my soul
The sirens of Orion are calling me home
I’m coming home

Boldly Go Down On Me Lyrics © 2005 Warp 11. All Rights reserved.


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