First they took my TOS
Then they took my TNG
Said “bon voyage” to Voyager
Now there’s nothing left for me

Decommissioned DS9
Now there’s no more Enterprise
Erased the animated show
Yeah, she met a quick demise

The final frontier has been finalized
There ain’t no coming back
It’s getting no reprise
It boldly came and went
Got no Trek to represent
I never thought the day
Would come that I had to say
It’s dead Jim

Space is cold and so am I
Just like Kirk my show has died
Everything has gone awry
I guess it’s time to say goodbye

‘Cause Scotty’s gone and so is Bones
They took their final voyage home
And I guess I’ve always known
That some day I’d be alone

Tore down the sets today
Gave the plastic ears away
Sold the props on eBay
Left my life in disarray

It’s dead Jim
Until they bring it back again

Lyrics © 2007 Warp 11. All Rights reserved.

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