I had a job washing dishes at an old bar and grill
After hours I drink like a fool
With a mighty good friend who happened to bartend
His way through medical school
He was a young star fleet doctor
About fell off his rocker when his assignment came in
Country boys born and raised at the stars we did gaze
The next morning he left stinking of gin

Well, McCoy, my boy, come mix me a drink
Before the night’s over I’ll puke in the sink
And we’ll cry till we laugh and we’ll both **** our pants
You’re the best drinking friend I’ve ever had

He spent many a year in danger and fear
On sailing a ship beyond the stars
So imagine my surprise when I heard he had died
In his bed 50 million miles this side of Mars

This old bar gets lonely around this time of night
And lonely is why I’m drinking for two
As I scrub out the stains and mop up the goo
In the home to the only Bones I ever knew

Dammit Jim
Dammit Jim
Let’s pour one more round

Lyrics © 2007 Warp 11. All Rights reserved.

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