I lost my baby
Let me tell you
Right around episode three or four
He put on a shirt of a red hue
And then he walked right out the door

He said he'd be safe, not to worry
The captain was coming along
But when he died, I got so very sad
And that’s why I’m singing this song

Well, how many times can a woman lose a man?
And how many episodes until she understands
That death is cold and death is bold and we all heed its call
And it’s easier to live having never loved at all

I will follow

Well, I lost my baby soon after
Right around episode twenty-five
And just like the first, he didn’t beam back
Even though everyone else survived

He swore nothing bad would happen
The planet was safe and secure
But when he died, I got so very mad
It was more than a girl could endure

I lost my baby
Around episode thirty six
I thought that nothing bad could happen
‘Cause he never left the ship

But later that week at his service
They said some beautiful things
And then they jettisoned his body
Along with my wedding ring

Lyrics © 2007 Warp 11. All Rights reserved.

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