Lay your head and go to sleep my child
And I will tell you tales of yesterday
Listen to the story of our savior
And what came to pass that fateful day

Paying homage at the ancient temple
The daughter of the chief she found him there
She watched him as he rose from the obelisk
A god with pale white skin and golden hair

Brought before the tribal chief
And asked to prove his might
A dead boy lying at his feet
His flame he had to light

He gave the boy his divine kiss
And the tribal chieftain said
Our god has finally come to us
He breathed life to the dead

And so the god was given special honors
And with the chief’s daughter he would walk
And when he was asked what his name was
The god replied, “Kirok”

But one was filled with jealousy
For Kirok stole his bride to be
He attacked among the forest trees
Behold the god that bleeds

But the jealous one could not divide
For Kirok was the village pride
And Kirok went and took his bride
And made a child deep inside
He made a child deep inside

And one day the lake grew wild
The sky was filled with rage
And Kirok beat upon the temple
Like an animal in a cage

But the temple would not open
And the stones began to fly
He lost his wife and child
And returned to the sky
He returned to the sky

Lyrics © 2007 Warp 11. All Rights reserved.

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