I’d like to dedicate this song to all my fans
And also tell you how this little thing began
Cause I don’t think a lotta people understand
Oh how I came to be in a Star Trek band

In the beginning, yeah they came to me
Said that I was the one to even out the three
And that if I would only to listen to their plea
That I was destined to rock the galaxy

Oh when they put it like that I couldn’t disagree
Now everybody wants to beam into me

So now fast forward a couple of years
A few hundred gigs and a few thousand beers
And in that time my mission has become clear
I have to boldly rock this final frontier

Oh there are worse things I could do, don’t you see?
Now everybody wants to beam into me

The rest of my crew are like nerdy jocks
Always singing songs about their Spocks
But right now you ain’t watching the other three
Right now you’re just thinking about beaming into me

And now I live most of my life upon on the stage
I’m like a cross between T’Pol and Jimmy Page
I love the journey, where I’ll go and where I’ve been
And you’ll love it too when you’re beaming in

I hope you brought some latinum cause baby it ain’t free
Sometimes you gotta pay to beam into me

Lyrics © 2009 Warp 11. All Rights reserved.


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