Trippin’, yeah I been trippin’ five years
I left my mind far behind, don’t know why I’m even here
Wreckin’ my Star Fleet career
For saying f*** the prime directive and the final frontier

I got logic
But I ain’t logical
I only beam down
When my b**** are full

Whippin’ Kirk and Spock in a cell
And knowing that I’ll hang with Feklar when I get to hell

I’m like Gene
I like my women green
Call me creator
Or doomsday machine

It ain’t logical
I ain’t logical

Yeah I’m warped to the core
And I am hung like the whale in Star Trek IV
And you can kill me but I will survive
Cause I’m a god like the god in Star Trek V

I got more suction
Than a tractor beam
A thousand quatloos
Says I can make you scream

I am a paradise, an Eden that you cannot find
I am the guardian of forever inside my mind

I’m shaved
Like Jean Luc Picard
And I am so hot
I’ll make an android hard

Yeah, I reach and I am one
I’ll make a sequel cause I just begun
You can promote me but I’ll still desert
Because I am not Herbert

Lyrics © 2009 Warp 11 and Jeff Hewitt. All Rights reserved.


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