Computer, replicate me some Latinum
And an unlimited credit line
A handful of Viagra
And a barrel of blood wine

A pony keg of Tranya
And a Ketracel-white line
A long stretch shuttle, make it a double
Get me goin’ where I’m goin’ on time

Computer, replicate me a cargo bay
And fill it full of lube
Then add a dozen Deltans
Who want what I wanna do

Now replicate me a Vulcan
And nine of her good friends
I’m gonna meld with more than their minds
And when I’m done I’m gonna do it again

I make it so

Computer, replicate an arena
And pack it full of fans
Now replicate me a microphone
And replicate my band

Now replicate some guitars
Can you feel the excitement grow?
And now rock out with your Spock out
Make it mother******** so!

I’ve got a message to deliver from the stars
I’m gonna spread it wide in brothels and in bars
Or you can get it here tonight after the show
Baby, I will make it so

I’ll make it so
She make it so
Gotta make it so
I make it

Lyrics © 2009 Warp 11. All Rights reserved.


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