Stardate 11.8.2007:
Warp 11 on The Blazy Show

Warp 11 is appearing all this week on-air with Jeff Blazy, host of The Blazy Show on 101.7 FM The Fox in Santa Rosa, California. Captain Karl Miller and Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer share exploits from their ten-year mission with Blazy, as they prepare for their first Santa Rosa concert this Saturday, November 10 at Last Day Saloon.

Listen to interview on Stardate 11.8.2007 (mp3).

Listen to The Blazy Show promo (mp3).

Listen to Warp 11 Concert Promo (mp3).

Stardate 8.28.2007:
Toronto Star Raves About Warp 11

Toronto, Canda's largest daily newspaper, the Toronto Star, today published an article about Warp 11 and the new album "It's Dead, Jim". The Star reports "the music is tight, crunchy, powerful and ranged.. The energy at live Warp 11 shows could power a small planetary colony." Full article here.

Stardate 8.22.2007:
Coast-to-Coast Warp 11 Radio Continues

Warp 11 continues their nationwide morning radio interviews on commercial rock radio stations coast-to-coast this week.

On Thursday, August 23, you can hear Warp 11 on these radio stations:

  • WHOG - Daytona Beach, FL
  • WRKT - Erie, PA
  • KIBZ - Lincoln, NE
  • WZZO - Allentown, PA
  • WEDG - Buffalo, NY
  • KMOX - St. Louis, MO

On Weds. August 1, Warp 11 was heard on the following radio stations:

  • WLUP - Chicago, IL
  • WIYY - Baltimore, MD
  • WEZX - Wilkes Barre, PA
  • KFMW - Waterloo, IA
  • WAPL - Appleton - Green Bay, WI
  • KXFX - Santa Rosa, CA

On Tuesday, August 7, Warp 11 was heard on these fine rock radio stations:

  • WLVQ - Columbus, OH
  • WRKI - Danbury, CT
  • WKZQ - Myrtle Beach, SC
  • WSFM - Wilmington, NC
  • WXQR - Greenville, NC
  • KRAB - Bakersfield, CA
  • KBER - Salt Lake City, UT
  • KBRE - Merced, CA

Stardate 8.4.2007:
Sacramento's KWOD Adds Warp 11 to Rotation

Longtime Warp 11 supporter Sacramento's "Everything Alternative" KWOD 106.5 FM has added "Gotta Make It So" from the new Warp 11 album "It's Dead, Jim" to their Sounds of Sac rotation for the month of August, airing weekdays at 11:05 a.m., 4:05 p.m., 8:05 p.m., and weekends at various times.

Stardate 7.22.2007:
Dr. Demento to Feature Warp 11

The legendary Dr. Demento will play "Tribbles and Ecstasy" from the new Warp 11 CD "It's Dead, Jim" on his nationally syndicated radio show the weekend of July 28 - 29.

More information on the Dr. Demento show is available here. A list of radio stations that air the Dr. Demento show is here.

Stardate 7.22.2007:
Warp 11 Nationwide on Morning FM Radio

Warp 11 Captain Karl Miller and Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer will be on numerous morning and afternoon FM radio shows over the next four weeks, coast-to-coast. The live interviews and Warp 11 music starts next Tuesday, July 24, on these stations:

  • WOCM  - Ocean City, MD
  • KGGO - Des Moines, IA
  • WHFS - Baltimore, MD
  • KNCN - Corpus Christi, TX
  • WRKR - Kalamazoo, MI
  • KCLB - Palm Springs, CA
  • KRZR - Fresno, CA
  • WXRX - Rockford, IL

Stardate 7.12.2007:
Warp 11 on XM Radio "Slice of Sci-Fi" Show

A frank conversation with Warp 11 Captain Karl Miller and Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer will air on the "Slice of Sci-Fi" show on XM Radio Channel 163 at the following dates and times:

  • Monday, July 23, 7:00 am EST / 4:00 am PST
  • Monday, July 23, 3:00 pm EST / 12:00 pm PST
  • Monday, July 23, 11:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm PST
  • Saturday, July 28, 4:00 pm EST / 1:00 pm PST

More information about the show and a podcast version will be available on the Slice of Sci-Fi website starting Friday, July 13.

Stardate 6.5.2007:
"It's Dead, Jim" Now Available

Sci-fi rock superstars Warp 11 are back with their much-anticipated fourth studio album, "It's Dead, Jim". Warp 11 recorded the new release in their hometown Sacramento, California with co-producer Joe Johnston (Cake, Deftones). The album was mastered by Jason Livermore (Ataris, Less Than Jake, Rise Against).

"It's Dead Jim" is now available on, Apple iTunes Music Store and other fine retailers nationwide.

Stardate 6.2.2007:
Warp 11 Rocks Hometown with CD Release Party

Performing the entire new CD "It's Dead, Jim" to a capacity hometown crowd, Warp 11 left no doubt who rocks the Alpha Quadrant. The legendary Blue Lamp in Sacramento, Calif. was packed with the hardcore rock fans, Trekkies and Trekkers that have helped build Warp 11 from punk rock cadets into mainstream rock legends.

Warp 11 next performs in their hometown during Creation Entertainment's Star Trek convention, and are thrilled to be joined by Star Trek's own George Takei (Sulu) on Friday, Sept. 28.

Stardate 5.28.2007:
Online Digital Stores Reach Warp 11

In addition to the 20th century physical CD format available at and other fine retailers nationwide, Warp 11 music is now available on a growing number of 21st century online digital stores, including the Apple iTunes Music Store, Yahoo! Music, Real Networks Rhapsody, MTV URGE, Music Gremlin, Sony Connect, Samsung Media Studio, Ctrax and others. Warp 11 Captain Karl Miller said, "We're anxious to make as much money as possible before money is abolished in the 23rd century."

Stardate 5.25.2007:
Warp 11 Rocks Downtown Sacramento

Warp 11 performed tonight to a capacity crowd at the annual Downtown Sacramento Partnership's Concert in the Park, presented by Budweiser. Warp 11 headlined this year, their second appearance at the annual event, and were joined by Pets, Queensbury Rules and Danny Secretion.

Stardate 2.8.2007:
Warp 11 Music Video on Apple iTunes

The award-winning video for Warp 11's "She Make It So" is now available for purchase on the Apple iTunes Music Store. Available at a special high video quality without credits, you can watch on your Mac, PC, iPod, Apple TV and someday soon, your snazzy iPhone.

Stardate 1.30.2007:
Music Street Journal Raves About Warp 11

Music Street Journal published a review of Warp 11's "Boldly Go Down On Me", stating " all means, make it so and engage your engines to Warp 11". The complete review is available here.

Stardate 1.28.2007:
Warp 11 Back in Studio

Warp 11 began pre-production on their next album today at the finest studio in the Alpha Quadrant, Pus Cavern. Tensions flared briefly as a phaser misfire left Chief Engineer Brian Moore's vulcan lyre severely disabled. Warp 11's new album is expected to be released on Earth this Stardate 4.2007, with neighboring planetary systems following later this year.

Stardate 1.24.2007:
KVIE-TV to Feature Warp 11 Treasures

Hometown television station KVIE-TV Sacramento will feature Warp 11on their show "The Collectors", Weds. Feb. 7 at 7:30 pm.

Stardate 9.28.2006:
ARTISTdirect features Warp 11

The third largest worldwide music website now features Warp 11 on their 41 million-unique-users-per-month home page, proclaiming "They boldly go where no band has gone before." Also check out ARTISTdirect's UBL Warp 11 webpage.

Stardate 9.1.2006:
Award-Winning "She Make It So" Now Available Online

The new music video for the Warp 11 hit single "She Make It So" is now available on, YouTube, MySpace and other leading Internet music video sites. The "She Make It So" video tells the classic tale of boy-meets-green-skin-alien-girl as only Warp 11 could.

Stardate 8.20.2006:
Warp 11 Music Featured During Comedy Central Celebrity Roast of William Shatner

The Warp 11 song "Everything I Do, I Do With William Shatner" was featured during tonight's premiere of the Comedy Central Celebrity Roast of William Shatner. During a montage of career highlights, the assembled Hollywood celebrities and worldwide audience heard the first hit from the Warp 11 album "Red Alert". More information about the television program and encore showing schedules are available on the Comedy Central website.

Stardate 8.5.2006:
"She Make It So" wins Sacramento Film & Music Festival Best Music Video

The new music video for Warp 11's "She Make It So" single won Best Music Video Production at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival. Video Director Erik Espera accepted the honor, with Director of Photography Brian Hamm also winning Best Cinematography. Produced by Warp 11, Erik Espera, iLine Productions and Reboot Music, the music video will soon be available worlwide. The 7th Annual Sacramento Film & Music Festival was held at the Crest Theater in downtown Sacramento, and featured music videos, shorts and features from around the world.

Stardate 7.28.2006:
Sacramento's 106.5 KWOD Adds "She Make It So"

Sacramento's 106.5 KWOD "Everything Alternative" radio leader added Warp 11's "She Make It So" to rotation as a featured band for the month of August. Commercial alternative rock radio station KWOD has long been a supporter of sci-fi rock gods Warp 11, featuring the band at KWOD concerts, on morning radio shows and playing every single since the first "Suck My Spock" garage punk masterpiece.

Stardate 7.27.2006:
Warp 11 on G4TV's Star Trek 2.0

Warp 11 will be featured during the month of August during G4TV's Star Trek 2.0. Star Trek 2.0 is the new, interactive version of Star Trek Classic. Tonight's episode was the first to feature Warp11, and included the original series episode "The Way to Eden". Star Trek 2.0 airs on cable and satellite on G4TV. Check them out at

Stardate 7.2.2006:
Warp 11 Films "She Make It So" Video

Sci-fi rock gods Warp 11, 15 crew members and an assortment of Warp 11 fans lept with great purpose across Sacramento, California this weekend filming the upcoming video for "She Make It So". Two solid days and nights of filmmaking resulted in Warp 11's take on the classic tale of boy-meets-green-skin-girl. The video will premier at the Sacramento Music and Film Festival on Sat. August 5 at the Crest Theater in downtown Sacramento.

Stardate 5.1.2006:
Warp 11 Announces California Summer Concert Series

Keeping true to their pledge to rock their home quadrant, Warp 11 announced a four concert California summer concert series today including several shows in Warp 11's hometown of Sacramento. This summer marks the first appearance of Warp 11 at the Sacramento Friday Night Concerts in the Park series on Friday, July 14.

Stardate 4.14.2006:
Press Raves about "Boldly Go Down On Me"

Warp 11's latest CD "Boldly Go Down On Me" continues to win praise from fans and critics alike. Sci Fi Channel says "Musically, Warp 11 takes no prisoners. Resistance, as has been said elsewhere, is futile." Cinescape calls it "a massive powerblast of sex, sci-fi, and rock ‘n roll." Trek Nation says it's "their best and most musically diverse album yet." Revolution SF raves "the front cover obviously depicts a man whose pants are too small."

Stardate 5.7.2005:
Warp 11 to Perform at UCLA's EnigmaCon

Warp 11 will rock the University of California at Los Angeles campus with a full electric show during EnigmaCon, the sci-fi / fantasy / horror convention to benefit Tsunami relief efforts. Also appearing at the convention is Walter Koenig from the original "Star Trek", Connor Trinneer from "Star Trek: Enterprise", and Babylon 5's J. Michael Straczynski. More information is at

Stardate 4.28.2005:
Warp 11 Interviewed on UCLA College Radio

Tonight Warp 11 was interviewed on college radio station KLA, broadcasting from the University of California at Los Angeles campus. Captain Karl Miller shared his thoughts on sex, sci-fi, rock 'n roll, and got dangerously close to discussing D&D 3.5 with unsuspecting college students. Warp 11 music has previously reached number one on the KLA playlists.

Stardate 3.11.2005:
New Warp 11 CD "Boldly Go Down On Me" Ships

Warp 11 hosted a very special CD release party and live concert in the hometown of Sacramento tonight at The Blue Lamp. A sold out concert drew fans from as far away as Washington state for a two-hour performance that included the entire new CD "Boldly Go Down On Me" in order, plus favorites from their first two CDs. "Boldly Go Down On Me" will soon be available on, digital music stores including the Apple iTunes Music Store, and fine retailers throughout this quadrant.

Stardate 2.24.2005:
Warp 11 Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer
on Sacramento's Original Alternative KWOD 106.5

Warp 11's Kiki Stockhammer appeared this morning on The Morning KWOD with Boomer & Kelly. Several lucky Sacramento bachelors competed for a date with Kiki in a very silly KWOD "Out of Your League" dating contest. KWOD listeners were then treated to a special advance spin of "She Make It So", the first single from the forthcoming Warp 11 CD "Boldly Go Down On Me".

Stardate 2.20.2005:
"Trekkies 2" Featuring Warp 11 On Showtime

Paramount Pictures documentary sequel "Trekkies 2", featuring a hometown Warp 11 concert, is now playing on the Showtime television network. Upcoming showtimes are available on the Showtime website.

Stardate 2.18.2005:
Warp 11 Announces Bold New Mission

Reboot Music artists Warp 11 announced their long-awaited new album "Boldly Go Down On Me" will be available Stardate 3.11.2005. The first radio single is the rapid-fire punk-inspired "She Make It So" - call your local station and request it here.

Stardate 12.4.2004:
G4 Television Interviews Warp 11

G4 Video Game Television interviewed Warp 11 on their popular "Screen Savers" show covering the "Rock The Con" concert during GenCon SoCal 2005. This year's GenCon concert also featured The Phenomenauts, The Great Luke Ski and Raptors Away.

Stardate 10.9.2004:
Warp 11 concert filmed for Gene Roddenberry's son's upcoming movie "Trek Nation"

Tonight at the Blue Lamp in Sacramento, Calif., Warp 11 and hard-core Crew members were filmed for the upcoming Star Trek documentary entitled "Trek Nation." The story of Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry's journey to learn about his father through the legacy he left behind, "Trek Nation" filmmakers also interviewed Bill Gates, George Lucas, Patrick Stewart and others about the impact of Trek. More information about this documentary is at:

Stardate 10.9.2004:
Warp 11 Guests at Live Webchat on

Popular Star Trek fan website hosted the members of Warp 11 tonight for a special live web chat. Warp 11 revealed details behind their next album, the magic of the creative process and assorted ramblings. An archive of the chat is available at

Stardate 10.5.2004:
"Trekkies 2: The Official Soundtrack" Features
Warp 11, Ships Nationwide

In addition to appearing on-screen in the Paramount Pictures documentary sequel "Trekkies 2", songs from Warp 11 are included on the movie's soundtrack, now available in retail stores nationwide. International release dates are coming soon.

This soundtrack also features the Trekkies 2 theme song, “Beam Me Up”, written and performed by B-52’s front man Fred Schneider and keyboardist Pat Irwin, other Trek-inspired musicians, orchestral score and memorable interview segments from both Trekkies movies. More information is at:
Trekkies 2 Website
Reboot Music Website

Stardate 9.29.2004:
Warp 11 Featured on Sacramento's Original Alternative KWOD 106.5 FM

Warp 11 Captain Karl Miller and Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer joined KWOD's Boomer & Kelly this morning for an hour of sex, sci-fi and rock 'n roll. Listeners could not stump the talented Warp 11 with any sci-fi trivia questions they could muster.

Stardate 9.27.2004:
Yahoo! LAUNCHcast radio features Warp 11

Listeners to Yahoo! LAUNCHcast Internet radio stations can now add songs from Warp 11's "Red Alert" album to their own customized radio station. By searching for "Artist" "Warp 11", users can rate Warp 11 songs highly, resulting in their automatic inclusion in their personal radio station playlists. Creating a personalized LAUNCHcast radio station is free. Learn more at::

Stardate 9.27.2004:
Warp 11 Music Now Available on Virgin Digital

Songs from Warp 11's "Red Alert" and "Suck My Spock" are now available on the Virgin Digital online music service, launching today. More information is available at

Stardate 9.25.2004:
Warp 11 Music Now Available on Real Rhapsody

Songs from Warp 11's "Red Alert" and "Suck My Spock" are now available on the Real Rhapsody online music service, available as part of Real Networks Real Player software (click on "Music Store"). Songs are available for individual purchase, or as part of a subscription service.

Stardate 9.5.2004:
Warp 11 Music Now Available on MusicNet @ AOL

Songs from Warp 11's "Red Alert" and "Suck My Spock" are now available on America Online's MusicNet online music service. MusicNet is a subscription service available to AOL members under "Music".

Stardate 8.11.2004:
Warp 11 Captain Karl Interviewed on Sacramento's Original Alternative KWOD 106.5 FM

This morning Warp 11 Captain Karl Miller joined KWOD's Boomer & Kelly to talk about sex, sci-fi and rock 'n roll in the 24th century, and Warp 11's upcoming performance at KWOD's Kickball Tournament. KWOD then played the Warp 11 hit "Everything I Do, I Do With William Shatner" from their latest CD "Red Alert".

Stardate 7.30.2004:
Warp 11 Music Now Available on Apple iTunes

Songs from Warp 11's "Suck My Spock" are now available on the Apple iTunes Music Store. Songs can be purchased individually for 99 cents, or the entire album can be purchased for $9.99. Additional Warp 11 music will be available soon on iTunes. The Apple iTunes software can be downloaded for free at

Stardate 7.15.2004:
Warp 11 Music Now Available on Sony Connect

Warp 11's albums "Red Alert" and "Suck My Spock" are both now available on Sony Connect, the new online digital music store from Sony. Songs can be purchased individually for 99 cents, or either album can be purchased in its entirety for $9.99. The Sony Connect software application can be downloaded for free at

Stardate 6.11.2004:
RevolutionSF Publishes Rave Review of "Red Alert"

Respected sci-fi website recently posted a glowing review of Warp 11's "Red Alert", declaring "Let your geek flag fly; 'Red Alert' is required listening." Read their take on Warp 11's craziness here.

Stardate 5.9.2004:
Captain Karl and Chief Science Officer Kiki Talk with BadMouth

Sacramento's most infamous publication BadMouth published an interview with hometown heroes Warp 11, specifically Warp 11 Captain Karl Miller and Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer. In the interview, they discuss rock in the 23rd century, green-skinned dancing girls and meeting William Shatner.

Stardate 4.20.2004:
Warp 11 Rocks "Trekkies 2" World Premiere

The public world premiere of Paramount Pictures “Trekkies 2”, including concert and interview footage of Warp 11, was tonight at the Newport Beach Film Festival. The movie was shown in the 650-seat historic Lido Theater on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, California to an enthusiastic audience. Immediately after the screening, the Film Festival and "Trekkies 2" filmmakers hosted a special Warp 11 live concert and after-party at the nearby Hard Rock Cafe. "Trekkies 2" is expected to be released later this summer.

“Trekkies 2” is presented by Paramount Pictures, starring Denise Crosby, directed by Roger Nygard, produced by Michael Leahy / Trekkies Productions. The Newport Beach Film Festival brings 25,000 people from all over the world and showcases more than 250 films, offering an ambitious and international selection of features, shorts, documentaries and animation that will compete for both Jury and Audience awards.

Stardate 2.15.2004:
Radio Legend Dr. Demento Features Warp 11

The world-famous Dr. Demento featured Warp 11 on his nationwide radio show on Feb. 14-15. Dr. Demento is widely respected as an innovator in the music industry, having introduced artists such as Weird Al Yankovic to the world at large. The Dr. Demento Show is heard on over 100 radio stations throughout the U.S. Two songs from Warp 11's latest album, Red Alert, were featured this weekend - "Everything I Do, I Do With William Shatner" and "And That's Why I'm In A Star Trek Band". Warp 11 has appeared numerous times on Dr. Demento's radio show. A list of radio stations featuring Dr. Demento's radio show is available at: Dr. Demento's official web site is at:

Stardate 2.11.2004:
MTV Networks Adds Warp 11 to Rotation on Radio VH1

MTV Networks "Radio VH1" Internet radio has added "Everything I Do, I Do With William Shatner" from Warp 11's latest CD "Red Alert" to rotation on its two popular rock format stations. Warp 11 is now heard on both Radio VH1 "ROCKS" (Active Rock) and "CRUNCH" (Alternative) radio stations alongside artists such as Trapt, Nickelback and The White Stripes. MTV Networks "Radio VH1" is one of the top Internet radio stations. Radio VH1 is a free, ad-supported service available on the VH1 website.This add comes on the heels of "Everything I Do" being played on over 60 broadcast radio stations nationwide.

Stardates 12.14.2003:
Sex, Sci-Fi, Rock 'n Game With Warp 11

For four days at the Anaheim Convention Center & Hilton in Anaheim, California, thousands of people enjoyed some of the best entertainment available on this planet at GenCon. Events included hundreds of games including Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, True Dungeon and live action role playing, as well as celebrity appearances by Dirk Benedict, Richard Hatch and the man himself Mr. William Shatner. Saturday night's special Warp 11 concert was attended by industry dignitaries such as the legendary Dr. Demento, Dead Gentlemen and Luke Ski.

Stardate 11.20.2003:
Warp 11 Rocks Sacramento Center

Warp 11 performed tonight at Sacramento Magazine's "Best Of 2003" award show to 6,000 close friends and neighbors. Warp 11 won "Best Band in Uniform" for 2003, narrowly squeezing past Street Cleaners Ltd. to claim this prestigious honor. The award show was also broadcast live on KMAX / UPN-31's "Good Evening Sacramento", including a special interview with their Warpness.

Stardate 11.6.2003:
KMAX / UPN Television Features Warp 11

Sacramento UPN affiliate KMAX TV's "Good Evening Sacramento" featured a story tonight about sci-fi hometown heroes Warp 11. Karl, Jeff, Brian and Kiki spoke about their hopes, their dreams, and strange mating habits in the 23rd century. The extremely silly story included Warp 11's current radio hit "Everything I Do, I Do With William Shatner".

Stardate 10.27.2003:
Warp 11 wins Sacramento Magazine's "Best Of 2003" Award

Further reflecting their dramatic impact upon the California music scene, Warp 11 was awarded Sacramento Magazine's "Best Of 2003" award in the November issue of the magazine, on sale today. Warp 11 won the "Best Band in Uniform" award for 2003, narrowly squeezing past uniformed rivals Circus Clown Freaks to claim this prestigious honor.

Stardate 10.13.2003:
Los Angeles KROQ Radio Plays Warp 11

Today KROQ Morning DJ Legends Kevin & Bean blessed all of Los Angeles with music from Warp 11's latest CD "Red Alert". KROQ 106.7 FM is one of the largest and most respected commercial rock radio stations in the United States. Visit KROQ's website here.

Stardate 9.25.2003:
Warp 11 Featured on I-Sci-Fi

Warp 11 was interviewed live on I-Sci-Fi's internet radio program tonight. The interview included several songs from Warp 11's latest album Red Alert, hard core Trek trivia and a great deal of silliness. I-Sci-Fi brings science fiction dignitaries and celebrities to a worldwide audience via the Internet. Guests have included Walter Koenig, Richard Herd and Amber Benson. To listen, tune into I-Sci-Fi's website.

Stardate 8.08.2003:
Warp 11 Rocks KMAX / UPN-31 TV's "Good Day Sacramento"

This morning Warp 11 rocked their hometown of Sacramento, California from a peacful slumber through a live, electric performance on UPN-31 TV's "Good Day Sacramento". Local television hero Mark S. Allen joked with the band as they rocked through their hits "Everything I Do, I Do With William Shatner" and "Red Alert". Warp 11 also talked about their upcoming free live concert on Thursday, August 21 in Folsom, California.

Stardate 7.27.2003:
Paramount Pictures Films Warp 11 Concert for Star Trek Documentary "Trekkies 2"

Paramount Pictures is currently in production on a sequel to their 1997 documentary "Trekkies" entitled "Trekkies 2". The sequel is hosted by Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar on Star Trek: The Next Generation), who also hosted the first film. On Sunday the producers filmed a very special Warp 11 concert with a packed audience at Harlow's in Sacramento, California. A particle storm of television news crews, Warp 11 "Crew", limousines and photographers engulfed the concert in what many were calling Warp 11's finest yet. A final release date for the movie has not yet been set, but initial scans indicate a summer 2004 release.

Stardate 7.10.2003:
CBS Television’s Evening Magazine Features Warp 11

Today San Francisco CBS affiliate KPIX TV's Evening Magazine featured a story about sci-fi rock gods Warp 11. Evening Magazine's Legendary Feature Correspondent Dave Stoelk spent a day with Warp 11. Dave also attended band practice on the Warp 11 bridge, and collected footage from Warp 11's performance at The Distillery on Stardate 5.17.2003. The story is now available for viewing online.

Stardate 6.02.2003:
Warp 11 Announces Red Alert Summer

California sci-fi alternative rockers Warp 11 announced their Red Alert Summer Tour, complete with tight leather pants, green-skinned girlies and the hottest music in this quadrant. Special events include a historic pairing with Warp 11 spiritual kin the legendary The Brodys on Friday, July 18.

Stardate 5.08.2003:
Northern California Radio Loves Warp 11

Sacramento State University radio KSSU added “Everything I Do” to their playlist. KSSU DJ Gina Azzarello said "Warp 11's 'Everything I Do' is one of our most requested songs this year. It is currently on our ‘must play’ Hot List, a rare feat for an independent label act."

This add comes hot on the heels of Warp 11 airplay at Sacramento’s New Alternative KWOD 106.5 FM and UC Davis student radio KDVS 90.3 FM. Call your favorite radio station today and request “Everything I Do”.

Stardate 4.23.2003:
Warp 11 Rocks KWOD Boomer and The Dave Day Concert

Sacramento’s New Alternative KWOD 106.5 FM threw their annual Boomer and The Dave Day on April 23, with a live performance by Warp 11 at Sacramento’s Colonial Theater. Joining Warp 11 onstage was 7th Standard, Willknots, Richard Cheese and Nine Inch Males. KWOD's "Boomer and The Dave Day" kicked off on the morning show, with a live broadcast and dodge ball tournament from Basketball Town in Rancho Cordova. The morning festivities also featured a live performance from Warp 11 as well as stiff competition from Warp 11's infamous "Red Shirt" dodge ball team, who enjoyed some success but ultimately lost to KWOD’s own team.

Both morning and evening events raised money for Chicks In Crisis, a local non-profit organization that helps teenage birthmothers and other women struggling to take care of their infants. Warp 11 donated all profits from CD and merchandise sales at both events to Chicks In Crisis.

Stardate 4.15.2003:
Warp 11 Live on Sacramento’s New Alternative
KWOD 106.5

Warp 11 were interviewed live on KWOD 106.5 FM on Monday, April 21, around 7:00 am on Boomer and The Dave's morning show.

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