OCT 24 CD Release Show for “Rock Out With Your Spock Out”

cropped-warp11_halloween.jpgCrewmembers! Warp 11 is absolutely double-dumbass-on-you thrilled to announce that on October 24th something is going to take place that has only happened six times before in the ENTIRE SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM (and no, there aren’t any other Warp 11 bands in other time streams or parallel universes — WE’RE THE ONLY ONE!! We checked.) Warp 11 will have our CD release show for our seventh album, “Rock Out With Your Spock Out”!

On Saturday, October 24th, at our home base, the Blue Lamp in Sacramento, we will play the new album in its entirety! Swoon as Karl sings a brand new version of “7 of Mine”! Pretend that you’re “that really annoying drunk guy that is at almost every gig any rock band has ever done” during “Free Bird of Prey”! Join Kiki as she belts out our new Trek anthem, “Rock Out With Your Spock Out”! Shed tears of empathy while Brian performs “Hello, Old Foe”! Feel awkward and uneasy after Karl finishes crooning “I Just F$@#ed a Hologram”! And that’s not even half the new album! Or even half the number of exclamation points we’re going to use in this announcement!!!!!!!!!!!

So join us on October 24th at the Blue Lamp, Sacramento, CA. The new CD will be available for sale, along with all our usual merch. More details about our opening band coming soon. Fek’lhr demands your presence!

And remember kiddies….Naked Time!

Event updates and info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/762138693917919/