Band Bios

Captain Karl Miller

Lead Vocals/Bass

KarlKarl Miller claims to be born in Riverside, Iowa in the year 2324. After being kicked out of Star Fleet for allegedly organizing Orion slave girl S&M parties, Karl says he was moving back into his parent’s house when his shuttle encountered an inverse tachyon quantum distortion subspace rift field thing and traveled back to 1999. Having no way home and no real job, Karl decided to use his knowledge of the future to form Warp 11, exposing his vocal and bass guitar skills to our time. Karl also enjoys making his friends squirm through the occasional Dungeons and Dragons game.

Chief Engineer Brian Moore


brianBrian Moore was once known as “Master of the Vulcan Lyre,” until a freak occurrence at a Ponn Farr ritual left him scarred for life. He now only plays guitar and harmonica, and has sworn off Vulcan women forever. Known throughout the River City as a whiskey connoisseur, Brian’s uncanny knack for unique business decisions is only matched by his unusual home remodeling projects. Brian and former Warp 11 drummer Jeff Hewitt previously played in early 1990s club favorites The Red Eyed Jedis.

Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer


kikiKiki Stockhammer denies rumors she is part-android, which probably originated due to her non-stop dance moves during live concerts. Recently Kiki has also been the target of media criticism due to her green skin mysteriously becoming fair and her ears far more pointy. In addition to lending her substantial vocal talents and bump ‘n grind to Warp 11, Kiki Stockhammer is currently exploring acting and the arts in the holodeck that is California.

Listen to Kiki’s sci-fi rock band Warp 11 here. Starting with the Warp 11 CD entitled “Boldly Go Down On Me”, Kiki Stockhammer demonstrates her keyboard stylings and songwriting capabilities in addition to her impressive voice.

Kiki Stockhammer and the rest of Warp 11 are currently performing live across the United States - look for them in a city near you.

Commander John “Number one” Merlino


johnJohn is, as the legendary Commander Spock before him, half-Vulcan. He particularly enjoys correcting the mistakes of others, pointing out logical flaws in arguments, actually says “fascinating” quite often, and rarely shows any signs of human emotion. However, get him behind his drums, and the other half (believed to consist in roughly equal parts of Mugatu, Klingon, Andorian, Gorn, Hazari, Nausicaan, Hirogen and Horta) overpowers the helpless Vulcan side. It is strongly recommended that all non-essential crew members maintain a safe distance from John during performances.