New audio interview with Warp 11 on the BoneBat Show!

Warp 11 was recently featured on episode 136 of theCapture BoneBat show. Listen and hear…
The Captain talk smack about the Drummer! The Captain take credit for things he didn’t actually do on the new album! The Captain dazzle the interviewers with his unceasing wit, charm and general knowledge of all things SciFi!
All this and more, on the latest episode of the BoneBat Show!

OCT 24 CD Release Show for “Rock Out With Your Spock Out”

cropped-warp11_halloween.jpgCrewmembers! Warp 11 is absolutely double-dumbass-on-you thrilled to announce that on October 24th something is going to take place that has only happened six times before in the ENTIRE SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM (and no, there aren’t any other Warp 11 bands in other time streams or parallel universes — WE’RE THE ONLY ONE!! We checked.) Warp 11 will have our CD release show for our seventh album, “Rock Out With Your Spock Out”! Continue reading