Kiki Stockhammer - Warp 11
Kiki Stockhammer - Vocals
Kiki Stockhammer
Kiki Stockhammer
About Kiki Stockhammer

Kiki Stockhammer denies rumors she is part-android, which probably originated due to her non-stop dance moves during live concerts. Recently Kiki has also been the target of media criticism due to her green skin mysteriously becoming fair and her ears far more pointy. In addition to lending her substantial vocal talents and bump ‘n grind to Warp 11, Kiki Stockhammer is currently exploring acting and the arts in the holodeck that is California.

Listen to Kiki's sci-fi rock band Warp 11 here. Starting with the Warp 11 CD entitled "Boldly Go Down On Me", Kiki Stockhammer demonstrates her keyboard stylings and songwriting capabilities in addition to her impressive voice.

Kiki Stockhammer and the rest of Warp 11 are currently performing live across the United States - look for them in a city near you. Sign up for the Warp 11 email list to get the most recent news and tour information.

Kiki Stockhammer's Rock Belt


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