Flashback Friday - The First Appearance of Warp 11… Ever!

Back in the year 1999, three incredibly handsome and talented boys had a dream. A dream to create the greatest Star Trek themed band in the Alpha Quadrant. To bring their music to the masses they also created one of the first tv shows (The Prime Directive) to ever be streamed live on the internet. They really didn’t know what the hell they were doing and their sound man was perpetually drunk on “Romulan Ale” so the sound drops in and out the entire performance (DON’T TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP TOO LOUD WHEN WE FIRST START PLAYING!) but regardless…. Please enjoy the very first appearance of Warp 11. (Look how young and skinny we all were!)

Warp 11 - Live at SacTrek TONIGHT!


There’s an old Ferengi proverb which states, “The more you pay for something the more you’ll appreciate it.” With that in mind, think how much you’ll enjoy seeing Warp 11 TONIGHT (Nov. 21st) at the SacTrek convention in Sacramento! SacTrek

Party with us and Tuvok for the exorbitant sum of 50 bucks! With that kind of price-tag you’re guaranteed to have more fun than Riker on the Holodeck! See you there!!!!!!!